Structural and copy editing

Structural editing: Is your text a bit lifeless? Too wordy? Hides the message? You need a structural edit. I will diligently read through your work, gently excising excessiveness, tidying up the syntax, smoothing the tone and tightening the story to make it a more complelling read. 

Copy editing: If your structure and style are OK but you need a second pair of eyes to check for consistency, grammar and even spelling, then you need a copy edit. I'll run through your text with some specialised techniques and tools to ensure internal consistency and adherance to any style guide you need to apply. Then I'll do a final read to check that it all holds together.  

Experience includes: Integrity and values, Exemplar Global, Department of Health

Book editing

If you find something you need to change every time you look at your work, odd things repeated, in the wrong place or out of order, you need an editor. Chapters in the wrong place? Don't HAVE chapters?

Maybe you just need a second pair of eyes. 

Working as your editor I will read your manuscript, and either make or suggest changes that could improve how the words and structure tell your story, tighten up your writing, spot errors and improve consistency and warmth. 

Experience includes: