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Did it yesterday!

In a startup you need intelligent, presentable, versatile people who can cope with uncertainty and do what needs to be done without their ego getting in the way. 

I started my career in startups - medical devices and financial markets information mainly, though I was also an internet entrepreneur at one stage. I feel comfortable in the startup environment, which anyone with startup experience will tell you is a hard-to-find trait.

I still work with startups, and bring experience from a variety of industries and business sizes. I work either job-by-job or on a retainer, doing whatever needs to be done: pitch decks, pep talks, training materials, delivering training, product documentation, customer experience design, user documentation and kick-arse business plans - whatever it takes. Here are some examples: 

  • Wrote a business plan for an internet classified advertising business that led to invitations for first-round funding

  • Created a quality system from scratch for a hearing medical device startup

  • Wrote the draft user documentation required to get a pain management medical device to clinical trial

  • Rewrote a new insurance company's website to better explain its offering for business insurance, doubling its client base

  • Created a new website for a new business insurance brand (not the one above)

  • Provided pep talks and a sounding board for an entrepreneur shoestringing her social media startup - now she is profitable and has offices in multiple countries